Company Secretary in China

Our company secretary solution helps your business align with the statutory and regulatory requirements.

Company Secretary Service in China

Company secretary can be defined as the administration of a company, specifically aligning the business operations in compliance with the law and regulations. The Chinese SAIC (State Authority for Industry and Commerce) states that all registered companies in China are legally required to have a company secretary for their business entity. This is an essential service that a company needs to cater to in a compliant way.

We offer the corporate secretarial service for businesses in China to help them comply with the law and manage all administrative and tax related tasks.

Reduced costs

Ensured compliance

Bilingual secretary

Essentials only

Our secretarial service includes



  • Registered business office
  • Business correspondence address
  • Opening of corporate bank account
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and documents

  • 02.

    Tax & Bookkeeping

  • Assist the company in making tax payments
  • Update and renew of company’s certificates
  • Internal company auditing
  • Annual government inspection

  • Consulting WFOE

    For companies providing services in or from China.

    A consulting WFOE is the most simple foreign-owned legal entity to set up. No additional licenses or certificates are needed. 

    Trading WFOE

    For companies importing into or exporting out of China.

    Trading WFOEs are essentially consulting WFOEs armed with an import/export license and other licenses for specialty products. Trading companies can take advantage of Free Trade zones in Shanghai & Guangdong.