What Is Xiaohongshu?

A One-Stop Social Media Platform and Marketplace

The young lifestyle sharing platform, founded in 2013, has harvested over 300 million users in just six years, mainly aged 18-34 and dominated by female users, accounting for more than 90%. 

At first, Xiaohongshu entered the user’s view as a UGC (“User Generated Content”) shopping notes sharing community. The target is the female users who love outbound travel and shopping value.

In 2014, Xiaohongshu’s e-commerce business started to take off. The cross-border e-commerce platform “Welfare Club” was launched to collect the most popular overseas products and sell them to users in the form of self-operated e-commerce, thus starting the transformation to community-based e-commerce.

From information sharing community to shopping strategy to “community + e-commerce” platform, Xiaohongshu continues to show a rich trend, involving a wider range of scenarios, such as beauty, sports, learning, travel, food, etc., covering almost all aspects of life.

The profit of Xiaohongshu mainly comes from four parts, namely KOL/KOC (key opinion leaders and key opinion consumers) recommendation of goods, membership system, live e-commerce, and advertising revenue.

Why Xiaohongshu Worth Notice

Target the huge potential consumer base

Astounding Data Reported by Xiaohongshu

150 million

Monthly Active Users


Growth Rate

20 billion


Some media reports, in the case of zero advertising, small red book welfare club sales exceeded 200 million in six months.

By June 2015, the Xiaohongshu App reached the 4th position in the general App Store list and the 2nd position in the life class list, and the user scale reached 15 million.

It captures the young demographic consumer base, dominantly 18-30 age group, accounting for 69% of all users.